2019-11-20 16:08:59

In terms of service, LPPOM MUI has implemented E-HALAL REGISTRATION or Cerol-SS23000. This system allows halal certification registration services can only be done online so that the process is transparent, efficient and accountable, the benefits of which are felt by companies that want halal certification services quickly and efficiently.

E-HALAL REGISTRATION was launched in May 2012 LPPOM MUI along with the increasing public awareness of halal products and the company's demands for halal certification services that are fast, accurate, and real time.

With this system, companies can apply for halal product certification online, without time and place limits. The advantages of this system, registration can be done anywhere and anytime. In addition, data can be guaranteed and the implementation is faster. The development of the certification process can also be monitored in real time.


Jakarta Sekretariat LPPOM MUI

Bogor Global Halal Centre