About Halal Lab

Halal Laboratory- LPPOM MUI is the first PCR laboratory in Indonesia that is ISO17025-certified (click to download test contract and ISO17025 certificate) for detecting porcine DNA in pharmaceutical and seasonings. This laboratory also offers other lab analysis related to halal and Standar nasional Indonesia-SNI (Indonesian National Standard). The supporting instrument are real time PCR, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectromety, high definition stereo microscope, ICP-MS etc.
Halal testing services provided include:
1. Identify pig skin using a microscope
2. Testing waterproof properties in election ink, cosmetics, and hair care products
3. Measurement of ethanol residue using gas chromatography
4. Detecting pig protein contamination in meat and processed meat products
Laboratory service related to Indonesian National Standard testing includes:
1. Complete proximate analysis (water, fat, protein, and crude fiber content)
2. Vitamins
3. Dissolved metal
4. Total sweeteners (saccharin, cyclamate, aspartame etc.)
5. Food coloring
6. Microbiology
7. Water (complete analysis)
Halal laboratories also collaborate with other parties to conduct research (undergraduate-graduate), internships, seminars, and workshops. Information related to our lab can be accessed via www.halalmui.org and social media @halalindonesia (FB, IG and twitter). To provide closer service to our costumer around Cikarang industrial park, LPPOM MUI Halal Laboratory also opened a branch in the Deltamas which began operations in January 2019.
We will be happy to answer your inquiry (including for complaint) through:
Prof. Dr. Hj. Purwantiningsih, MS (Mrs)
Halal Research and Development Division (RND)
Bogor branch, Halal Laboratory :
  • Jl. Pemuda No 5 Bogor 16161, Indonesia
  • labhalal@halalmui.org 
  • +62-(251)-8358748 ext 1122, +62811-1139-207
Cikarang branch, Halal Laboratory :
  • Ruko Ikon City B6, Deltamas, Cikarang Pusat 17530,  Indonesia
  • labcikarang@halalmui.org 
  • (021) 22156638

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