The forming of LPPOM MUI based on the mandate from government, so that Indonesian Council of Ulama is actively play the role to ease the case of fat pig in Indonesia year 1988. LPPOM MUI was established on 6 January 1989 to conduct the checking and Halal Certification.

To strengthen the position of LPPOM MUI performing the halal certification, in 1996 a memorandum of cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of religious affairs, the Ministry of health and the Indonesian Council of Ulama was signed. MUI. These agreements followed with the publication of the decision of the Minister of religious affairs (KMA) 518 in 2001 and KMA 519 in 2001, which amplifies MUI as the halal certification agencies as well as doing the audit, the stipulation of fatwa, and issuance of the halal certificate.

In the process and implementation of halal certification, LPPOM MUI cooperates with the national agency of drugs and foods control (BPOM), the Ministry of Religion, Ministry of agriculture, State Minister for Cooperatives Small and Medium Enterprises, Ministry of trade, Ministry of industry, Ministry of marine and fisheries, the Ministry of tourism and Creative Economy and a number of colleges universities in Indonesia such as Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB), University of Muhammadiyah Dr. Hamka, University of Djuanda Kartawidjaja, UIN, Wahid Hasyim Semarang University , as well as the University of Indonesia Muslims Macassar

While the cooperation with the institution has been entwined with the national Standardization Bodies (BSN), Chamber of Commerce Indonesia, Committee of the Middle East, GS1 Indonesia, and Research in Motion (BlackBerry). With the BPOM, the MUI halal certificate is the requirement in the inclusion of the halal label on the packaging for the products marketed in Indonesia.

Now, in the age of 28 years, LPPOM MUI increasingly shows its existence as a credible halal certification institute, both at national and international level. Certification System of halal assurance system which designed and implemented by LPPOM MUI also recognized and also adopted by overseas halal certification bodies, from 42 halal certification bodies from 23 countries. (***)  


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