Vision And Mision

Becoming trusted halal certification  body in Indonesia and worldwide as well, to give tranquility life to muslim society, and becoming the world halal center which extends information, solution and halal standard admitted both in national and international level.


  • Making and developing proper standard in halal auditing system.
  • Conducting halal certification process for products marketed and consumed by muslim society.
  • Educating and realizing the society concern to consume halal product.
  • Providing comprehensive and accurate information as well on halal products and various related aspects.


LPPOM MUI is committed to impartiality in halal certification process. 
LPPOM MUI identifies, analyzes and documents possible conflicts of interest arising from the provision of certification including any conflicts from its employment relationship. If the relationship shows an unacceptable threat to impartiality then the certification will not be granted.
- Policies and procedures operated by LPPOM MUI and its administration are non-discriminative. 
- LPPOM MUI provides access to certification processes that all clients can use through registering their username and password in an on-line registration application system (Cerol). 
- Its access to the certification process is not based on the size of the client, the membership of the association/group nor the number of certificates that had been issued. LPPOM MUI certification process is not dependent to financial conditions or other conditions.

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