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With Halal Certificate, Maxim Translucent Middle East

After pocketing the halal certificate of MUI, the Maxim brand cooking equipment products are increasingly in demand by foreign markets, especially the Middle East market.


This was stated by Edwin Siswanto, GM Marketing and Sales of PT Maspion Maxim Division, on the sidelines of the biggest halal exhibition in Indonesia, Indhex which took place on 1-3 November 2018 at Smesco, Jakarta.


Edwin stated, the market demand was due to the fact that so far it had provided community members who needed kitchen equipment, especially cooking utensils, which were safe, healthy and certainly also halal.


"The halalness of the cooking utensils that we produce has been verified by LPPOM MUI experts, with proof of the halal certificate we received from the community institution, numbered 00170067471213, since 2013. Besides halal, the certificate received also includes the thayyib aspect which means safe to use, it does not endanger the health of its users, "he said firmly.


Until 2018, the MUI's halal certificate has also been extended every two years, up to three times. In addition, the Maxim product has also been awarded the Halal Guarantee System certificate with the title A. This means that the company's management is always consistent in using raw materials and production processes in accordance with the provisions of LPPOM MUI.


This thayyib aspect needs to be put forward and underlined, according to him, because there are some people who are concerned if the components of the substance or non-sticky ingredients in the cooking utensils are peeled off, then mixed with cooked food ingredients, will cause harm to those who consume them.


"So with research conducted by a team of LPPOM MUI auditors, it was proven that the cooking tools we produced were not problematic. Because the composition of the non-sticky substance/material is made from plant material that is "food-grade". So that our products are declared halal and thayyib with halal certificates that have been received from the MUI," he added, explaining the information as being wrong.


In addition, he said, the components of the anti-stick ingredients in the cooking utensils that we produce have also passed the FDA test, the famous POM of the United States is very strict.


In an effort to promote halal education and education to the wider community, LPPOM MUI organizes various agendas that are routine in annual and incidental with certain moments. Among the annual routine agenda that has become a trademark in the community is in the form of exhibitions of products that have received halal certificates from MUI or Indonesia Halal Expo (Indhex).



In the implementation of Indhex 2018, Maxim also played an active role in various agendas designed and held by this community institution. "We also always strive to be able to actively participate in various social moments organized by LPPOM MUI and other activities, in order to be closer to the community," he said.


With that closeness, he added, we can communicate directly with the community. Can absorb their aspirations for the products we produce. In turn, it will certainly be an input for us to be able to produce better products, which are needed by consumers. (Usm).



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