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Implementation of Halal Assurance System (HAS) is a pre-requisite program for obtaining halal certificate from MUI. Based on this policy, in order to get or renew halal certificate from MUI, the halal registered companies must fulfill the minimum grade of implementation of HAS. In order to implement HAS running well, Internal Halal Management (IHM) has responsibility to control, monitor, and evaluate implementation of HAS. That is why, the IHM must meet the necessary competency as required by LPPOM MUI. In meeting such competency, certainly, the IHM has to understand about the requirements of Halal Assurance System (HAS 23000), get knowledge and have skills to organize implementation of HAS as well as to solve the problems found.
Based on this need, this year LPPOM MUI would like to facilitate Internal Halal Management Team or expected IHM to be participant of Training of Halal Assurance System for companies in Korea. Together with Ini Halal Korea, Inc as our representative agency, LPPOM MUI performs Halal Assurance System Training (HAS23000) in Korea. This training is not only for the company who want to know about HAS23000, the participants of previous (international) training also encouraged to attend this training.
The training will be held on 23rd – 24th of November 2015 in Changjo Room 1, 4th Floor, at Center Building, Seoul, South Korea. The last update, more than twenty companies will join this training. For the company who want to join this training and more information, please contact to Ji-Hyeon Yoon ( / +8227786260)

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