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JPH Law And PP Should Strengthen The Role Of MUI

Jakarta (23/5) - "Halal Product Guarantee Law (JPH Law) No. 33 of 2014, Government Regulation (PP) No. 31 of 2019 and other implementing regulations should be able to strengthen the function of the Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) in certification halal. MUI is free from all interventions in the halal certification process, both politics and so on," said Director the Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics, the Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPOM MUI), Dr. Lukmanul Hakim, M.Sc.

This was stated at the Joint Fast Break event entitled "Towards the Implementation of Government Regulations Guaranteeing Halal Products and Entering Halal Certification Mandatory, Is BPJPH Ready?" held by Indonesia Halal Watch (IHW) at Abunawas Restaurant, Jakarta, Thursday (23/5).

Furthermore, Lukmanul Hakim said that because of the above, the government should act more as a regulator, not an operator. The MUI focuses on halal substances that cannot be intervened by any party. These substances include: the determination of halal auditors, accreditation of Halal Inspection Institutions (LPH), establishment of fatwas and cooperation of foreign halal certification institutions. In foreign cooperation it is not just cooperation, but more to the recognition of halal substance, MUI is important to be involved.

This was agreed upon by the Deputy Secretary of the Fatwa Commission MUI, Dr. Ir. Sholahudin al Ayyiub, M. Si. In his explanation, it was stated that this role should remain in the MUI domain, because the establishment of halal was the authority of the ulama, in this case the MUI was a gathering place for ulama who understood Islamic law.

Meanwhile, IHW Director, Ikhsan Abdulah said that PP No. 31 of 2019 should be able to strengthen and not even weaken the functions of the MUI. In the PP issued yesterday there was an impression of weakening the function of the MUI.

"This can be seen in article 22 paragraph (2) which states that the education and training of halal auditors are held by BPJPH and can be held by other educational institutions in accordance with the laws and regulations. Even though according to the JPH Law article 14 paragraph (2) letter f, stated that the appointment of halal auditor by LPH as referred to in paragraph (1) must meet the requirements of obtaining a certificate from MUI," Ikhsan continued.

In addition, said Ikhsan, in the provisions of international cooperation as stipulated in article 25 of this PP does not involve the authority of the MUI relating to the recognition of halal certification issued by foreign halal certification institutions, it has the potential to facilitate the entry of imported products. This is because the recognition of foreign product certification is not based on MUI's halal standards. Whereas in the JPH Law it is clearly stated that determining the halal of the product is the authority of the MUI. The role and function of the MUI fatwa are to prevent the entry of foreign goods that are not clearly halal.

"Because of this discrepancy, IHW has submitted this application for Judicial Review (JR) PP No. 31 of 2019 to the Supreme Court of Indonesia," Ikhsan concluded. (YS)

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