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MR Haram Vaccine, But Forced To Be Used

Jakarta - After a lengthy discussion, the MUI Fatwa Commission finally stipulated the law on the use of MR vaccines.


In the Fatwa Commission Meeting which took place on Monday (08/20/2018) evening to night, the MUI Fatwa Number 33 of 2018 concerning the Use of the MR (Measles Rubella) Vaccine Products from SII (Serum Institute of India) for Immunization, stipulated that based on the provisions law,


  1. The use of vaccines that use pig and its derivatives is illegal.
  2. The use of MR product vaccines from the Serum Institute of India (SII) is illegal because in the production process using ingredients derived from pigs.
  3. The use of MR vaccine products from SII is currently permissible (mubah), because there is a condition of compulsion (pronounced syar'iyah), MR vaccines that are halal and sacred have not been found, and there is information from competent and reliable experts about the dangers caused by not immunized and there is no halal vaccine.
  4. The ability to use the MR vaccine as referred to in number 3 does not apply if there are halal and sacred vaccines found.


In addition, the MUI Fatwa Commission also recommends that:


  1. The government must guarantee the availability of halal vaccines for the benefit of immunization for the community.
  2. Vaccine producers must strive to produce halal vaccines and certify halal vaccine products in accordance with regulatory provisions.
  3. The government must make religious considerations a guide in immunization and treatment.
  4. The government should make maximum efforts and through WHO and Muslim-populated countries to pay attention to the interests of Muslims in terms of the need for sacred and halal medicines and vaccines.


"This fatwa is valid at the date of the stipulation, provided that in the future it turns out that it needs improvement, it will be repaired and dispensed properly," said Chairman of the MUI Fatwa Commission, Prof. Dr. H. Hasanuddin AF, MA who signed the fatwa in the Central MUI building, Jakarta. (###)


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