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Indonesia Halal Expo INDHEX 2017

The world’s muslism population that reaches 1.6 billion become a huge potential market for halal product. With a transaction value reached 632 billion dollars per year, with the figure-enchancing transactions average 17% per year. The Asian region is one of the largest muslim population, with a population reaching 62.1% and it is a very large market share.

At this moment halal is not only become muslim consumption but it also has become a global consumption of the world’s population with the tagline “Halal Food is a Quality Food”, through Indonesia Halal Expo INDHEX 2017. 

To enhance the promotion and education of halal products to the society and as one the institution of halal certification recognized internationally, LPPOM MUI has the innitiative to conduct halal socialization and promotion through Indonesia Halal Expo INDHEX 2017 with the theme “Enhancing the Competitiveness of Indonesia Small Businesses Product through Halal Certification”.

Please check this link INDHEX 2017 for details

Schedule Event of Indonesia Halal Expo INDHEX 2017

  • Indonesia Halal Expo Exhibition (INDHEX)
  • Halal Award
  • Global Halal Forum
  • Symposium on Global Halal Research
  • Talkshow & Halal Competition

Exhibition Participation Fee Indonesia Halal Expo INDHEX 2017

  • Booth Exhibition size 3 x 3 meter
  • Rp. 20.000.000,- per square meter (incl. Tax)

    Payment can transferred to :

    Bank : BNI Syariah

    Account Name : Yayasan Halal Indonesia

    Account Number : 0360882219


Specification Indonesia Halal Expo INDHEX 2017 :

  • Standard Booth size 3 x 3 meter
  • Standard Electricity 450 W
  • 1 table and 2 chairs
  • Carpet
  • Lighting
  • To order outside the booth size standard can contact the committee


For more information Indonesia Halal Expo INDHEX 2017 can contact :

- Agung +62 813 1692 8827 | Email :

- Eko +62 812 9853 571 | Email :

- Participation form Indonesia Halal Expo INDHEX 2017 can be download here


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